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Cosmetics Safety: Turkey Continues Cracking Down on Unsafe and Non-Compliant Cosmetic Products – November 2019

Legal Alerts

Recent Developments

The Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (“TİTCK”) recently announced the results of its cosmetics sector market surveillance and inspection conducted between July and September 2019. Of the 295 cosmetic products inspected by the TİTCK’s Cosmetics Supervision Department, 134 were non-compliant and 12 were unsafe. A total fine of TRY 398,654 (approximately USD 68,000) was levied against the responsible companies.

What Do the Results Say?

The cosmetic products safety results reveal that there is an increase in the number of inspected products and non-compliant products. On the other hand, however, the total amount of administrative fines has significantly decreased compared to the Q2 results of 2019. The TİTCK continues to strictly inspect the healthcare sector to increase the compliance of cosmetic products with the technical legislation.

Cosmetics Inspection Department’s Q3 results of 2019 is available here (in Turkish).


The TİTCK continues to demonstrate its commitment to periodical market surveillance and inspection in the cosmetics sector. All cosmetic products in circulation must fully comply with the applicable Turkish laws and regulations, and manufacturing companies must ensure they do not sell or distribute unsafe or non-compliant products.