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New Development in “.tr” Domain Names: Nic.TR Era Ends and TRABIS Era Begins

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Recent Development

Since 1991, the Middle East Technical University (“METU“) has operated the “.tr” domain names (country code top-level domain names) through its system Nic.TR, per an international mandate from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (“IANA“) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN“). In accordance with the Electronic Communication Law No. 5809 published in 2008, the Ministry of Communication and Substructure (“MCS“) authorized the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (“ITCA“) for the registration and administration of “.tr” domain names. Accordingly, the Internet Domain Names Regulation No. 27752 (“Regulation“), published in the Official Gazette on November 7, 2010, transferred all operations regarding the “.tr” domain names from Nic.TR to TRABIS, a system established by the ITCA. According to the agreement signed between the METU and ITCA on December 21, 2018, the METU has transferred its “.tr” domain name registration authority to the ITCA.

Within the framework of the agreement, it is envisaged that Nic.TR will shut down and TRABIS will start operating in August 2020. TRABIS will be operational following the ITCA’s announcement, and once operational, owners of domain names managed via Nic.TR must select a new registrar and ensure the transfer of these domain names in accordance with the Regulation.

What Does the Development Mean?

TRABIS will enable the operation of the “.tr” domain names and its central database; the creation of the directory; and the update, provision of guidance services and realization of the domain name applications. Nic.TR will remain active until TRABIS becomes operational; Nic.TR will be shut down simultaneously with TRABIS’s activation.

In this context, Nic.TR stopped accepting new applications and renewals (payment) transactions as of March 23, 2020 (except for the,,,,,,, and extensions). Domain names will be transferred to TRABIS upon the system’s activation. However, the transfer process is not automatic; system users must log into the Nic.TR system and follow the steps to process the transfer of the domain names to the new registrars. Steps to be taken during the transfer process and answers to frequently asked questions are explained on Nic.TR’s website in detail.


Nic.TR’s services will end with the activation of TRABIS, ushering in a new era for “.tr” domain names in Turkey.  TRABIS will announce its operating rules and practices once the system begins operating. It is highly crucial for domain name owners to take the necessary steps to prevent loss of rights and complete the transfer process before TRABIS starts operating.