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Artificial Intelligence Used in Customs Controls

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Recent Development

On October 22, 2019, the Ministry of Trade (“Ministry“) announced the launch of the Surveillance Network Project (tr. Tarama Ağı Projesi). The Ministry will set up a technical substructure that will identify crime and threat risks relating to vehicles and goods passing through customs through artificial intelligence systems.

What’s New?

All vehicles and containers entering and exiting through customs will be inspected via the X-Ray Vehicle and Container Surveillance System, eliminating the need of a physical inspection. Artificial intelligence systems will automatically identify specific crime or threat risks relating to the vehicles and goods.

The new technical substructure will allow customs controls to be conducted swiftly and effectively. Data collected through the X-Ray Surveillance systems will be transferred to the Ministry’s Command and Control Center and customs controls will be handled centrally. Through this control center, the Ministry will identify the unregistered entry and exit of goods into and from Turkey, and prevent goods whose transit duty fees were unpaid from remaining in Turkey.

Data collected through the surveillance systems will also be shared with neighboring countries’ customs authorities to prevent the repeated inspection of same vehicles. Accordingly, the Ministry aims to create a swift logistic transit corridor between neighboring countries.


The Ministry of Trade continues to take active steps to prevent smuggling and the transfer of unregistered goods. The technical substructure to be established as part of the Project will provide ease and convenience for swiftness and effectiveness in customs controls.