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The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources announced the Türkiye Hydrogen Technologies Strategy and Roadmap

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The Türkiye Hydrogen Technologies Strategy and Roadmap (“Report“) was published on the official website of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on 19 January 2023. The full text of the Report is available here in Turkish.

What does the Report introduce?

The Report, which was prepared with the aim of creating a carbon-zero economy model by using hydrogen in line with the goals of ensuring economic development and net-zero carbon emission targets for 2053, examines many significant issues such as generation, storage, distribution and utilization of hydrogen, including the development of hydrogen technologies. Furthermore, the Report includes various vision proposals and evaluations on policies and legislation.

Vision proposals and policies

The Report proposes a vision to reduce the cost of green hydrogen generation to below USD 2.4 per kilogram of hydrogen by 2035 and below USD 1.2 per kilogram of hydrogen by 2053, and to increase the installed power capacity of the electrolyzer to 2 gigawatts in 2030, 5 gigawatts in 2035 and 70 gigawatts in 2053.

In line with the objectives set in the Report, various policies were determined, such as reviewing and adapting the existing legislation in terms of hydrogen, establishing incentive mechanisms and certification programs for the use of domestic components in green hydrogen generation and storage, encouraging R&D and P&D to develop and produce domestic and national technologies (electrolyzers, fuel cells, etc.), establishing public and private sector collaborations to encourage commercial demand and investments, establishing international cooperation, encouraging the widespread use of green hydrogen in all sectors, conducting R&D studies for the generation of hydrogen and synthetic gas from lignite and organic wastes, increasing the generation and utilization share of renewable energy to increase green hydrogen generation, contributing to the decarbonization transformation of the thermal sector gradually by mixing hydrogen into existing natural gas pipelines, using domestic resources, particularly boron, for hydrogen storage, and exporting surplus green hydrogen or ammonia with domestic technologies.


The current status of hydrogen in terms of legislation was analyzed in the Report, and determinations were made as to what kind of legislation could be arranged in the future. Accordingly, it was assessed that a separate hydrogen market law can be prepared for the establishment of a hydrogen ecosystem or the regulations on hydrogen can be incorporated into the laws, regulations, etc., that are currently in force within the scope of energy legislation.


The Report sets out vision proposals and policies for the development of a domestic green hydrogen market and identifies ways to harmonize existing legislation with hydrogen. In addition, a roadmap for the development of technical standards in line with international standards for the generation, distribution, storage and end-use processes of green hydrogen was determined and various analyses were made. In conclusion, the Report, which outlines a general strategy and roadmap, is an important guide for the establishment of a hydrogen market.