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The Central Bank of Turkey (“CBRT“), amended the Communiqué No. 2020/4 on the Procedures and Principles Regarding Fees that Banks Can Charge Corporate Clients (the “Communiqué“). The amendments entered into force through their publication in the Official Gazette dated 23 September 2022. The CBRT also updated the Guidelines for Fees That Banks Can Charge Corporate Clients in line with the amendments to the Communiqué.

What’s New?


  • The commitment fee will not exceed 0.25% of the committed loan limit for the first limit allocation, and 0.125% of the renewed limit for limit renewals.
  • The upper limit for utilization fees for loans will continue to be 1.1% of the disbursed loans, except for revolving loans.
  • For revolving loans, loan utilization fee will not exceed annual 1% of the average loan disbursement balance. Previously, this fee was set as 0.25% of the average loan disbursement balance of the relevant three months.
  • The maximum loan utilization fee for loan utilizations with a maturity of less than a year will be applied by proportionally reducing the fee according to the number of days of maturity.

In addition, a temporary provision was added to the Communiqué regarding the scope of the loan commitment and utilization fee limits. Accordingly, these limits will also apply to the fees that banks may charge financial institutions for loans subject to securitization under the CBRT’s Communiqué No. 2022/20 on Securitization.


With the new amendment, the CBRT has updated the maximum commitment and utilization fees that banks may charge their corporate clients as well as the scope of application of these fee limits.

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