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Amendments Introduced to Regulations on Tobacco Products

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Recent Development

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (“Ministry”) published the Amendment Regulation of Procedures and Principles Regarding the Production and Trade of Tobacco Products and the Amendment Regulation of Procedures and Principles Regarding Tobacco Production, Processing, Domestic and International Trade (“Amendment Regulations“) in the Official Gazette No. 31351 on December 31, 2020.

What’s New?

The Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority was closed with the Decree of December 12, 2020, and the authorities of the institution were transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The references made to the Authority were changed to the Ministry with the Amendment Regulations.
The Amendment Regulations introduce the following amendments:

  • Real and legal persons who want to establish a tobacco production facility must obtain the Tobacco Production Facility Establishment Certificate. The certificate will be valid for three years from the date of issue.
  • For permits to be obtained for shredded tobacco and tobacco products that will be exported within the scope of the Inward Processing Regime, an application must be first made to Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. After receiving the preliminary permit, it will be possible to apply to the Ministry of Commerce for the Inward Permit Certificate.
  • Real and legal persons holding tobacco trade authorization certificates can make the mandatory notifications regarding the transportation or storage of tobacco products via TUPSE, the tobacco market information system.
  • Real and legal persons holding tobacco trade authorization certificates and exporting tobacco can to apply for tobacco export approval via TAGVİS, the tobacco, tobacco products, and alcohol information system. Similarly, tobacco import conformity approval requests can be made via TAGVİS.


The Ministry continues to provide information on the application and permit processes for tobacco production and trade. In this regard, companies operating in this field should carefully review the Amendment Regulations and follow the procedures and principles set out.

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