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It Is Now Easier to Keep Track of Your Goods in Customs

Legal Alerts
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Recent Development

The Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade (the “Ministry“) had announced that a brand new system called Customs Goods Tracking and Analytical Performance Program (tr.”GET-APP Program“) has been launched. The Ministry recently announced that the application procedures are now made easier due to the increasing demand.

What is New?

The Ministry has launched the GET-APP Program to enable importers and exporters to obtain accurate and prompt information about the transactions they carry out during their customs operations.

On the GET-APP Program, certain information regarding the customs operations will be accessible for free from any computer or mobile phone with internet connection, such as the place where the exported or imported goods are located, which transactions are completed, which transactions are pending and how much time such transactions have taken or will take.

Importers or exporters seeking to use the GET-APP Program must apply by providing the required information on the GET-APP Program. The Ministry has simplified the application steps, which are available here in more detail (in Turkish).


The new GET-APP Program will enable importer or exporter companies to closely follow their customs transactions, and thus facilitate their operations. Companies must follow any further announcement to be made by the Ministry and carefully review the application procedures and usage conditions for the GET-APP Program.