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Turkey introduces Toy Safety Regulation and brings new restrictions to toys composition

Legal Alerts
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Recent development

The Ministry of Customs and Trade issued the Toy Safety Regulation, replacing the existing Toy Regulation. The Toy Safety Regulation brings new restrictions to the composition of toys and prohibits the use of certain components in toys.

The Toy Safety Regulation is published in the Official Gazette on October 4, 2016 and will enter into force on April 4, 2017 after a six-month transition period. The whole text in Turkish and its annexes are accessible here.


The Toy Safety Regulation is the single piece of comprehensive regulation under Turkish law on toys, and thus carries a significant importance for toy manufacturers, importers and sellers. The existing Toy Regulation dates back to 2013; it has been in Turkey’s agenda to bring substantial amendments to the existing Toy Regulation for the last few months.

What’s new?

The Toy Safety Regulation:

  • Prohibits the use of 55 types of allergenic scents including fig leaf, ethyl acrylate, benzyl cyanide and cyclamen alcohol;


  • requires the explicit mention of the names of the 11 allergenic scents (such as farnesol, lilial, and anisyl alcohol, etc.) on the label or packaging of the toy, or on a side brochure along with the toy,  if one or more of these scents are contained in the composition of the toy in an amount exceeding 100 mg/kg; and


  • limits the amount of 19 types of metals, including chrome, mercury and manganese, in the composition of toys.

Actions to consider

Toy manufacturers, importers and sellers should carefully review the Toy Safety Regulation and ensure compliance with the new requirements by April 4, 2017.