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Turkey Introduces Amendments to Price Tag Regulation

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The Ministry of Trade (“Ministry“) introduced certain amendments to the Price Tag Regulation (“Regulation“) with the Regulation on Amendment of the Price Tag Regulation, which was published on 18 February 2022.

Recent development

Within the scope of the amendments that will enter into force on 1 March 2022, the Ministry introduced new rules on the provisions regarding labeling and information that must be provided on the labels. The amendments on the Regulation are available online here (in Turkish).

What’s new?

The information on labels and lists, such as the place of manufacturing, distinctive features and the sales price of the goods, must be in Turkish. In addition, if there is a deposit fee for returning the packaging that is not included in the product’s sales price, retail sellers must also present such deposit fee on the labels and lists.

Retail sellers can place the labels on the packaging or container of the good (in addition to the good itself, or groups and shelves of the same quality goods).

Lastly, the price of the goods or services prior to the discount will be determined based on the lowest price within the 30 days before the discount. For perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables, the discount rate and amount will be determined based on the previous price of the good.


The Ministry continues to regulate the labeling of goods and services subject to retail sale. Relevant companies should follow the Ministry’s announcements closely and comply with the requirements set forth under the Regulation.