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How will the Social Security Institution now notify employers?

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“The Regulation on the Notification to be Made Electronically by the Social Security Institution” (“Regulation“), issued by the SSI, was published in the Official Gazette numbered 31608 on 24 September 2021 and it will enter into force as of 1 October 2021. With the Regulation, it will be possible for the SSI to make notifications to the certain employers in the electronic environment.

What does the Regulation say?

All documents required to be notified by the SSI can be notified electronically. Employers are required to apply through the system to be determined by the SSI to receive an electronic notification address and to use the electronic system until 1 January 2022. For employers that start to employ insured employees after 1 October 2021, the application period will expire within three months following the date they started to employ the insured employees.

In accordance with the “Electronic Notification Regulation” published in the Official Gazette numbered 30617 on 6 December 2018, all notifications to all private law legal persons must be made via electronic notification. Employers that are not within the scope of this obligation (real person employers) can also discretionally request to be notified electronically via applying through the same system.

It is only possible for employers that are legal persons to leave the electronic notification system if their trade registry records are deleted (including change of company type and mergers).

As stated in the Regulation, employers to which notifications will be made electronically must submit their applications completely and accurately within the above-mentioned time, notify the changes that will occur in the information declared, comply with all the conditions specified in the Regulation and notify the SSI if the persons who will receive the electronic notification change.

In addition, the notification made electronically will be deemed notified on the fifth day following the date it reaches the electronic notification address.


Employers are required to enroll onto the electronic notification system in accordance with the period and conditions specified in the Regulation, and to comply with the conditions under the Regulation.

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