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TİTCK: Product Promotion Representatives Can Leave Promotional Materials During Visits

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Recent Development

The Turkish Medicine and Medical Devices Authority (“TİTCK) announced that it re-evaluated the limitations on product promotion representatives leaving promotional materials during their visits to healthcare organizations within the scope of measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, product promotion representatives will be able to leave promotional materials for doctors, dentists, and pharmacists who request it during visits. TİTCK’s relevant announcement is available online here (in Turkish).

What’s New?

As part of the measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, TİTCK previously announced the suspension of product promotion representatives’ promotional activities of visits to doctors, dentist, and pharmacists in all health organizations and institutions and stated that promotion activities can still be carried out electronically (such as via email and video conference).

Later, on June 5, 2020, TİTCK announced that product promotion representatives couldcan continue their promotional activities under certain circumstances. The relevant announcement also contains the condition that promotional materials and printed promotional material shall not be left for doctors, dentists, and pharmacists during visits.

TİTCK re-evaluated this limitation on promotional materials in line with the requests from license/permit holders and sector representatives. Accordingly, it was announced that product promotion representatives can leave promotional materials for doctors, dentists, and pharmacists who request it, provided that they comply with hygiene standards.


TİTCK continues to take active steps to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey. All product promotion representatives must comply with the relevant guidance provided by TİTCK in visits to health organizations and follow TİTCK’s announcement in this regard.