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COVID-19: New Measures by the Ministry of Health Related to Workplaces

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The Ministry of Health (“Ministry“) announced measures that should be taken by workplaces and shops in various sectors on 14 May 2020.

Each announcement by the Ministry includes measures for every type of workplace regarding the protection and safety of employees and customers, work processes and the working environment.

You will find the announcements of the Ministry, which will be applicable to workplaces in shopping malls and other facilities or on streets, through the links provided in the below table (in Turkish):

COVID-19 Measures for Shops Selling Shoes and Bags COVID-19 Measures for Grocery Stores
COVID-19 Measures for Buffets, Canteens and DealersCOVID-19 Measures for Butchers, Fruit Sellers, Nut Sellers, Fishmongers and Other Food Stores
COVID-19 Measures for Confectionary Stores, Clothing Stores and HosieriesCOVID-19 Measures for Jewelry Stores, Bijouteries, Watch Stores and Optical Stores
COVID-19 Measures for Tailors, Shoe Repair Shops and Dry-CleanersCOVID-19 Measures for Bookstores and Stationeries
COVID-19 Measures for Toy Stores


The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior and municipalities have published many measures within the last week. In addition, they stated that the supervision related to these measures will be conducted strictly, and administrative sanctions may be imposed.

Considering the sensitivity of public institutions on these measures that relate to public health, it would be prudent for businesses to monitor and apply the respective measures. As underlined in earlier legal alerts, these measures should be complied with, in order to protect public health and not face any administrative action.

Please stay up to date with further developments through the Esin Attorney Partnership Coronavirus Helpdesk

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