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Ministry of Industry and Technology Announces New Action Plan

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The Ministry of Industry and Technology (“Ministry”) recently announced its new action plan for the next 100 days, which envisages the completion of several ongoing projects and the launching of various new projects.

What Does the Action lan Include?

The Ministry’s 100-day action plan provides for a series of projects ranging from R&D to high-tech national products and from model factories to regional development. The plan will increase the number of R&D centers by 9% and the number of design centers by 8% within the next 100 days.

The Ministry’s plan places great importance on technoparks, R&D centers and training workshops: it will execute various cooperation agreements and carry out the necessary infrastructure procedures to facilitate the establishment and development of research centers.

In terms of information technologies, a national secure data storage system will be established and made available to all universities. In addition, a domestic and national messaging system, KurumNet, will be established and set up for various governmental authorities to utilize.

The testing for various defense projects will be completed and the projects will be delivered to the relevant authorities.


As part of the new 100-day action plan launched by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry will focus heavily on further developing ongoing industrial and technological projects and launching several new projects.