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Turkey requires electronic copies of labels on energy efficient household appliances

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Recent developments

In an effort to harmonize Turkish energy labeling standards with those of the European Union, on December 16, 2015, the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology published communiqués on energy labeling for certain household appliances requiring the suppliers of lamps, televisions, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners as well as household ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers to create electronic copies of their energy labels and product fiches.

What the communiqués say

Energy labels help consumers choose energy efficient products by indicating the energy consumption and standard product information. Previously, the suppliers of household appliances were already required to attach hard copies of energy labels on the product as well as a product fiche — a standard table of information about a product. The new communiqués introduce further requirements:

• For new models, suppliers are required to provide dealers with an electronic copy of the energy label and product fiche. For existing models, however, an electronic copy of the energy label and product fiche is voluntary.

• For distance sales or services through e-commerce platforms, i.e., through the Internet, suppliers are required to provide an online energy label and product fiche to end-users, in addition to the other mandatory information already required for distance sales.

• Annexes to the amendments specify how electronic copies of energy labels and product fiches must be displayed as well as other details such as definitions of visual technology displays, parameters of nested displays in relation to the image used to access the label, the display sequence of the label, and the proximity of the label to the price.
While the new communiqués will allow online customers to be informed as to which products are the most energy efficient, the overall goal is to help consumers reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the use of eco-friendly products.

Actions to consider

Companies engaged in the online sale of energy efficient products should take note of the new communiqués and take the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

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