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Turkey Raises Threshold for Consumer Courts in 2022

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Consumer complaints against sellers and manufacturers may be brought before Turkish consumer courts only if the amount in dispute is above a certain threshold. These thresholds are determined shortly before the beginning of each calendar year. Consumer complaints below the jurisdictional thresholds may only be brought before a consumer arbitral tribunal. Through the Communiqué on Raising the Monetary Limits Set Forth in Article 68 of Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers and Article 6 of the Consumer Arbitral Tribunals Regulation, Turkey set the threshold for 2022, raising it by 36.20%.

Any consumer complaints below TRY 15.430 (approximately USD 1.014) must be submitted to consumer arbitral tribunals, whereas those above the threshold must be submitted to consumer courts.


If a consumer fails to submit their complaint to the competent consumer arbitral tribunal or consumer court, which is determined based on the monetary value of the claim, their application will be rejected.

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