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With digital transformation driving an unprecedented shift in financial institutions (FIs), we provide the full range of legal services that this shift requires to FIs.

We recognize convergence of technology and financial services, and take a multidisciplinary approach to legal and commercial issues.

Our Fintech practice covers the areas of regulatory compliance, tax, data utilization, consumer protection, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, competition and employment.

We have been advising financial institutions, global digital leaders, technology incubators and startups — the entire value chain of the financial technology industry — across a broad range of subsectors including crowdfunding, payment services platforms and e-money, cryptocurrencies and digital banking earlier than many other law firms.

We are adept in addressing issues in market entry, product innovation and licensing, and can spot and mitigate regulatory, IP and contracting risks that can dilute the value of your innovation.

Our years of experience acting for the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies and financial institutions gives our fintech clients access to time-tested techniques and strategies and guides our fintech clients on first impressions.

We help clients with Software and licensing development | Systems procurement and integration | Data protection and privacy, information security and record retention | Legal and regulatory compliance requirements | IT JVs and IT aspects of M&A including acquisition of fintech related companies and merger filing requirements | Multi-jurisdictional consumer protection | Third party vendor contracts and customer agreements | Patents, copyrights and trademarks, and protection of intellectual property of innovative software and technology | IT dispute and negotiation including litigation, arbitration and mediation | Electronic commerce and online commercial communications