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Dispute Resolution

Our highly reputable dispute resolution practice stands out as a leading team in local and international litigation and arbitration mandates as well as pre-dispute case-management works; and is regarded as one of the go-to firms especially in terms of handling sensitive dispute mandates; disputes arising from complex agreements or high-profile matters.

Collaborating closely with our clients, our attorneys craft and execute the most effective business solutions, utilizing a range of methods from litigation and arbitration to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We work collaboratively across various practice groups, harnessing the collective expertise of our seasoned dispute attorneys and specialized attorneys to create tailored dispute strategies.

Our firm serves a diverse clientele, both local and international, offering counsel in a wide spectrum of areas including corporate and M&A disputes, shareholder disputes, construction and energy disputes, international sales conflicts, product liability cases, unfair competition claims, public law and regulatory disputes, financial and white-collar crimes. Armed with a profound understanding of high-stake multi-jurisdictional disputes, along with deep roots in local legal intricacies encompassing both criminal and civil aspects, we are adept at effectively managing and navigating disputes, ensuring a nuanced approach to resolving issues wherever they may arise.

What distinguishes us:

  • Our top-notch experienced team that has worked on some of the most high profile disputes ever in Türkiye;
  • Our unparalled experience in complex sensitive disputes or disputes with a foreign element;
  • Our market leading m&a, shareholders and transactional disputes experience; and
  • Our experience on construction, regulatory, competition, white-collar, product liability and commercial disputes.