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New Decree on Electronic Export Incentives

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Recent development

The Decree on Electronic Export Incentives (“Decree“) was published in the Official Gazette dated 25 August 2022. The Decree sets out the procedures and principles on incentives to be provided to companies, marketplaces and retail e-commerce sites in their export processes from the Support and Price Stabilization Fund. The Decree is available here in Turkish.

What’s new?

Further to the Decree, companies, e-export consortiums, retail e-commerce sites and marketplaces will be able to benefit from different types of incentives. The main incentives are as follows:

  • A 50% incentive up to TRY 1.5 million will be provided for obtaining reports during the entry into market.
  • A 50% incentive up to TRY 30 million will be provided within the scope of digital marketplace promotion and e-export promotion for three years.
  • A 50% incentive for order fulfillment and warehouse rental support will be provided for three years.
  • Incentives worth 50% of the integration expenses up to TRY 200,000 will be provided per integration for the integration of overseas marketplaces.
  • Expenses related to establishing an online store abroad, annual payments of the stores, and services to be received abroad from e-commerce stakeholders will be supported up to TRY 3 million.
  • For marketplace commissions, a 50% incentive will be provided for a period of three years.

While calculating the incentive rates, the sales rate of Turkish products and the sales rate of the products within the scope of the Brand and Turquality support program are taken as basis. Support rates can be increased for target countries that are determined by the Ministry of Trade.

The Decree further establishes the incentive rates for the operations of cooperation on sectoral trade and procurement, and promotion and development projects on e-commerce. Further, the incentive rates for the establishment of the Turkey Electronic Export Platform were determined.

In addition, marketplaces and retail e-commerce sites supported in accordance with the Decree on Branding Supports for Service Sectors Earning Foreign Exchange can also apply for incentives in accordance with the period and procedure determined by the Ministry of Trade.


Companies that can benefit from the incentives will be able to apply by following the directions of the Ministry of Trade. The circular to be issued by the Ministry of Trade is expected to detail the Decree’s implementation.