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Legal Alerts

The date TRABIS becomes operational is amended to 14 September 2022!

Legal Alerts
Intellectual Property

In accordance with the protocol signed between the Middle East Technical University (“METU“) and the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (“ITCA“) on 21 December 2018, all authorizations regarding the management and allocation of “.tr” domain names have been transferred from to the ITCA. recently announced to its users that the transfer of the management of “.tr” domain names to the ITCA will be completed in 2022 and, accordingly, the “.tr” Network Information System (“TRABIS“) will become operational. However, a precise date of when TRABIS would be activated was not announced. You can read our legal alerts on the changes and developments that TRABIS will introduce here.

Recent development

The ITCA has announced to users and related persons that TRABIS will become operational on 29 September 2022. You can read our legal alert here concerning the date when TRABIS will become activated along with details of the METUnic TRABIS Backorder Service (“Backorder Service“) that enables users to backorder “,” “” and “” domain names that they wish to have (via an undocumented allocation) in their names.

The ITCA declared that TRABIS will now become operational on 14 September 2022 through its most recent announcement dated 19 August 2022, according to which the beginning of the TRABIS era was moved to an earlier date.


The ITCA announced that TRABIS will become operational on 14 September 2022. Once TRABIS becomes operational, fundamental changes and developments, the details of which were elaborated in our previous legal alerts, will be put into practice. METUnic put the Backorder Service into use until TRABIS is operational to ensure that users are not adversely affected due to the expected congestion in domain name applications. Pursuant to the latest development, in which the ITCA announced that the TRABIS period will start on an earlier date, users who wish to benefit from the Backorder Service should create their backorders here as soon as possible.