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A Crucial Legislative Proposal on the Energy Market Comes Before the Turkish Parliament

Legal Alerts
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A proposal that seeks to make amendments to Turkish energy market legislation (“Legislative Proposal“) was presented to the Turkish Parliament on 16 November 2021. In this alert, we only summarize the general content and the purpose of the Legislative Proposal. We will publish a detailed note after the enactment of amendments. Please stay tuned.

The Legislative Proposal,

  • aims to decrease the financial burden on consumers by abolishing energy and Turkish Radio and Television funds that are added to energy prices;
  • fills the gap that arose in practice regarding electric vehicle charging stations by introducing new provisions on relevant rights, requirements and obligations in relation to charging stations;
  • paves the way for extra precautions to secure the natural gas supply to protect consumers;
  • expands the scope of energy efficiency implementation projects by covering agriculture and service sectors;
  • allows license-exempt electricity generation facilities to give their excess energy to the transmission system and the distribution system within the scope of the renewable energy support mechanism;
  • establishes the Energy Transformation Department within the Energy Market Regulatory Authority; and
  • provides that the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the national electricity transmission company (TEİAŞ) will take into account the Turkish National Energy Plan’s study for capacity tenders to be conducted to ensure electrical energy supply security. Unlike the current projections, it is planned that the Turkish National Energy Plan’s study will cover a period of more than 20 years.