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Electricity Storage Facilities: Decision from the Turkish Regulatory Authority Regarding Completion Periods

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On 7 October 2021, the decision of Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority No. 10442-2 on “Preliminary License Periods and the Reference Construction Periods for Determining the Facility Completion Date” (“Decision“) for generation and storage facilities was published in the Official Gazette. The Decision brings new provisions regarding electricity storage facilities. It does not make any change to the time periods implemented for generation facilities under the authority’s previous decision on the same subject.

New regulations for electricity storage facilities

The Decision provides the following regulations for the completion periods of electricity storage facilities:

  • No additional construction period will be granted for electricity storage units within the scope of generation license applications.
  • If electricity storage units integrated with generation facilities are installed within the scope of existing generation licenses, a construction period of 18 months will be granted for completion of the storage unit installation, regardless of (i) the number and installed capacities of the storage units planned to be installed, and (ii) whether the relevant generation facility is operational.
  • For autonomous electricity storage facilities planned to be established within the scope of supply licenses, an 18-month period will be granted as the facility completion period. This period will be applied separately for each electricity storage unit to be added for the relevant license.


The procedures and principles regarding the establishment of electricity storage facilities were set forth by the regulation that entered into force on 9 May 2021. Please click here for our legal bulletin on the relevant regulation. The regulation on the procedures and principles regarding the acceptance of these facilities entered into force on 19 February 2020. The Decision provided another missing regulation that is needed for electricity storage facilities by envisaging their completion periods.