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Turkey Limits the Activities of Product Promotion Representatives as Part of the Full Lockdown Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Recent Developments
On 28 April 2021, the Turkish Medicine and Medical Devices Authority (TİTCK) announced the
suspension of product promotion representatives’ visits to pharmacies and health organizations during the full lockdown as part of the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. The TİTCK’s announcement is available here (in Turkish).

What’s New?
As part of the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey announced a full lockdown, which starts on 29 April at 7 pm until 17 May at 5 am. Parties working on the production, logistics and sales of medicines, medical devices, medical masks and disinfectants are exempt from the lockdown. Nonetheless, the TİTCK declared that product promotion representatives’ promotional activities of visits to doctors, dentists and pharmacists in all health organizations and institutions, including pharmacies, are not subject to the exemption. Therefore, promotional activities must be carried out electronically (such as by email and video conference) during this period.

The TİTCK continues to take active steps to protect the public against the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey.
All product promotion representatives must suspend their visits to the health organizations until the end of lockdown.