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TİTCK Announces Unit Dosage Tracking Methods as Part of COVID-19 Measures

Legal Alerts

Recent Development

On March 26, 2020, the Turkish Medicine and Medical Devices Authority (“TİTCK”) announced that each unit dosage of certain pharmaceuticals will be tracked through Pharmaceuticals Track & Trace System (tr. İTS) as part of the measures against COVID-19 pandemic. In this respect, the TİTCK required hospitals to make unit dosage notifications through Pharmaceuticals Track & Trace System (tr. İTS).

What’s New?

The TİTCK announced that six pharmaceuticals used for the treatment of COVID-19 at hospitals will be subject to unit dosage tracking through İTS. The list of relevant pharmaceuticals is available online here (in Turkish).

The TİTCK required hospitals to promptly make their usage notifications through the Usage Notification Service using the relevant data sections in the system. Accordingly, the TİTCK also published the İTS Unit Pharmaceutical Usage Notifications Document, which contains necessary information and sample communication letters for the preparation of the İTS Unit Pharmaceutical Usage, Usage Cancellation and Refund Institution Usage Inquiry services. Document is available here (in Turkish).

The TİTCK’s announcement on unit dosage tracking is available online here (in Turkish).


The TİTCK continues to take active steps to protect the public against the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey. All health service providers must make their İTS notifications in accordance with the TİTCK’s instructions and closely follow the TİTCK’s explanations and announcements in this regard.