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Turkey Publishes Communiqués Regarding Import and Export of Devices with Electronic Identity

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The Ministry of Trade (“Ministry“) published the Communiqué on the Import of Devices with Electronic Identity and the Communiqué on the Export of Devices with Electronic Identity (“Communiqués“) in the Official Gazette No. 30805 on June 18, 2019. The Communiqués regulate the procedures and principles regarding the Information Technologies and Communication Authority’s (“ITCA“) electronic supervision for the import and export of devices with electronic identity. The Communiqués will enter into force 20 days after their publication date.

What’s New?

The Communiqués require applying to the ITCA through the Single Window System and obtaining a conformity letter prior to exporting devices with an electronic identity number or releasing such devices into free circulation. When issuing conformity letters, the ITCA takes certain conditions into consideration, such as the consistency of the IMEI number of the devices with the brand and model information, the status of the device (whether the device has been lost, stolen or had its IMEI number changed) and compliance with the provisions of the Regulation on Registration of Devices with Electronic Identity.

Accordingly, following the entry into force of the Communiqués, conformity letters obtained from the ITCA will be required for the registry of customs declarations. However, the conformity letter will not qualify as a substitute for any certificates or permits contemplated under product safety and supervision regulations or other legislation.

The Ministry continues to takes active steps to regulate the import and export of devices with electronic identity. All companies importing or exporting such devices must apply to the ITCA to obtain a conformity letter before import and export.