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Turkey Publishes Product Safety Inspection Results for 2018

Legal Alerts
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Recent Developments

The Ministry of Trade (the “Ministry“) recently announced the results of its product safety inspections conducted in 2018. 18 millions products were deemed unsafe the Ministry.

What Do the Results Say?

The Ministry published the list of unsafe/non-compliant products detected during 2018. Of 1.6 billion products inspected based on the product risk analysis, 18 million were unsafe.

The products found unsafe or non compliant as a result of the inspections carried out through Risk-Based Trade Control System (TAREKS), are destroyed, returned to their country of origin or transferred to a third country who accepts the products, if any.

List of non-compliant/unsafe products is available here.


The Ministry continues to demonstrate its commitment to product safety inspections. All products to be imported must fully comply with the applicable Turkish laws and regulations, and the companies must ensure they do not import unsafe or non-compliant products.