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New Announcement from the RTUK on a New List of Major Events

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On 5 September 2021, the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) announced that it would update the List of Major Events. In the announcement, the RTUK noted that the relevant parties and citizens could send their requests to the RTUK regarding the new list within 30 days. You may access the announcement here (in Turkish).

What is New?

According to Article 17 of Law No. 6112 on the Establishment and Broadcasting Services of Radio and Televisions, the RTUK announced the List of Major Events to ensure that the national and international events considered of great importance for society are broadcast live or via a recording to the public by television free of charge and without encryption. The RTUK will be able to update the List of Major Events through the same procedure.

The RTUK announced that it has initiated the process of updating the List of Major Events. The relevant parties and citizens may send their requests/opinions for the new list to via email or by post within one month. The RTUK will evaluate the list based on the requests/opinions received and it will finalize it accordingly.

You may access the current List of Major Events here.


The RTUK announced that it would update the List of Major Events. In this context, the relevant parties should send their requests/opinions on the new list to the RTUK within one month by post or email.