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TİTCK Announces Changes for Sanctions Regarding Meeting Notification Duty

Legal Alerts

Recent Development

The Turkish Medicine and Medical Devices Agency (“TİTCK“) announced on November 5, 2018 that companies failing to notify the TİTCK regarding meetings, seminars or symposiums for scientific and educational activities they supported will be sanctioned through the Meeting Notification System.

What’s New?

Sales centers are required to comply with the rules set forth in the Regulation on Sales, Advertisement and Promotion of Medical Devices (“Regulation“) in order to support scientific and educational activities for healthcare professionals and technical personnel in health institutions and organizations. Accordingly, companies must notify the TİTCK regarding congresses, seminars, symposiums and similar meetings they organize or contribute to.

In this respect, companies can make their notifications through the Meeting Application System. Sanctions will automatically be imposed through the system for the violation of notification rules pursuant to the Regulation. Therefore, companies will not receive an official letter of notification. The changes will be implemented as of November 9, 2018.

Companies can review the Scientific and Educational Activity Meeting Application Guideline to make their notifications. Guideline is available on the TİTCK’s website.


The TİTCK continues to provide guidance for companies in the medical device sector. Companies should follow the TİTCK’s announcements, comply with the procedures and principles under the Regulation and make their notifications to the TİTCK regarding their contributions to the scientific and educational activities.