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TİTCK Announces Changes for Certification Process for Cosmetic Products

Legal Alerts

Recent Development

The Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) recently announced changes to the certification process for exported cosmetic products. Accordingly, the web page on the product certification has been updated and certain documents required during the application for export certification have been revised. The revised declaration and undertaking can be found on the TİTCK’s webpage, available at here (in Turkish).


An export certificate must be obtained to export cosmetic products that are manufactured in Turkey. Export certificates are granted to companies established in Turkey and registered with the TİTCK, and for the cosmetic products that are notified to and registered with the TİTCK.

The applications for the export certificates can be submitted either physically or electronically. A detailed explanation on the application procedure may be found in the TİTCK Guidelines for Export Certificates for Cosmetic Products, available at here (in Turkish).


Companies engaged in the exportation of cosmetic products should review the TİTCK’s website to ensure compliance with the new requirements of the application for export certificates.