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TİTCK Announces Updates and Improvements for ÜTS

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The Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (“TİTCK“) announced its update of the Product Tracking System (“ÜTS“) on September 10, 2019. The TİTCK improved the update processes for cosmetics products on the ÜTS based on the cosmetics companies’ requests and to ensure satisfaction in the cosmetics sector.

What’s New?

Cosmetics companies will be able to make formulation updates for their cosmetics products without changing their barcodes through the product update section in the new version of the ÜTS. When making the formulation updates, cosmetics companies must list the components that have changed in the new formulation and the proportion of these components under the “reasons for update” area in the system. They must also submit the Product Safety and Inspection (tr. ÜGD) report, which indicates that the new formulation did not affect the safety of the product. The Cosmetics Products Department, which operates under the TİTCK, will supervise formulation update requests. The formulation updates can be viewed on the system.

Cosmetics companies must submit the details relating to their update requests when making their product update notifications through the ÜTS. The Cosmetics Products Department will not review the update requests of companies that fail to provide detailed information on the update and will reject these requests automatically. By rejecting the requests, the Cosmetics Products Department will also reject the update requests previously registered on the system but that lack explanations for the reason for the updates. Following the rejection of the update requests, the relevant products will return to their previous state. If the companies fail to update their notifications to include the missing information/documentation as requested by the Cosmetics Products Department, the system will revert the relevant products to their previous status in the ÜTS, as if no update were made.

In addition to the changes explained above, the TİTCK also revised the ÜTS Product Data Bank inquiry criteria.

Detailed information on the updates and improvements made to the ÜTS is available here (in Turkish).


The TİTCK continues to update and improve the ÜTS system in line with the requests of the cosmetics companies and to ensure satisfaction in the cosmetics sector. Cosmetics companies must carefully review the updates made to the ÜTS and make their product update notifications according to the updated system features.