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Turkey restricts animal testing for cosmetics

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Recent development

Effective January 15, the use of animals to test cosmetic products in Turkey will be restricted.


Globally, there is a continuing trend of introducing policies to limit animal testing of cosmetics by prohibiting the sale of products tested on animals. The European Union has prohibited the sale of any cosmetic or personal care products tested on animals, as well as their imported equivalents, since March 11, 2013. This was followed by marketing and import prohibitions on products containing ingredients tested on animals.
Following this trend, and to further harmonize Turkish cosmetics regulations with those of the EU, on July 7, 2015 the Turkish Drug and Medical Device Institution (“TİTCK”) amended the Cosmetics Regulation to bring it into conformity with EU directives and decisions.

What’s new?

As of January 15, Turkey prohibits:
• placing cosmetic products on the market where the final formula was developed through animal testing;
• placing cosmetic products on the market containing ingredients or a combination of ingredients that have been developed through animal testing;
• testing ingredients or a combination of ingredients that have been the subject of animal testing; and
• performing animal testing on finished products.

In exceptional circumstances, where serious concerns arise regarding the safety of an existing cosmetic ingredient, TİTCK may still grant authorization for animal testing if:
• an ingredient is in widespread use and cannot be replaced by another ingredient able to perform a similar function; and
• the specific human health concern is substantiated and the need to conduct animal testing is justified and supported by a detailed research protocol.


For years, TİTCK has demonstrated its commitment to harmonizing the cosmetic and pharmaceuticals market in Turkey with EU standards. With these changes for cosmetics, TİTCK has signaled that it intends further harmonization of the sectors within its jurisdiction.

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